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Letter Drop

Print off and make copies of our flyer and letter drop them in your street.

Friends of Erindale Road Bushland Flyer

Contact Your Political Representative

Send a message asking for support to protect this bushland to:


· Jessica Stojkovski MLA Member for Kingsley


· Dr Anne Aly MP, Member for Cowan 


· Hon Reece Whitby MLA Minister for Environment


· Cr Karlo Perkov City of Stirling Hamersley Ward


· Cr Chris Hatton City of Stirling Hamersley Ward

Encourage your neighbours, friends and family to do the same

You could download and send one of the form letters below or write your own message.

Hon R Whitby MLA Minister for the Environment.docx
Ms Jessica Stojkovski MP.docx
Hon Dr Anne Aly MP (1).docx
Ms Jessica Stojkovski MP - alternative.docx

Please tell your neighbours, family and friends about us and encourage them to help protect this valuable site.

If you would like to get involved more, we are always in need of a helping hand so please drop us an email. 

Please also connect with our 'friend' organisations and learn more about our unique environment:


image by Daniel Jan Martin