Current Status

“This is an ecosystem that has undergone significant clearing for development in the Greater Perth region.”

Dr Rochelle Steven, Conservation Scientist

We must not allow property developers to clear any more of our bushland! We are running out of time to stop this tsunami of land clearing!

In May 2022, the City of Stirling voted AGAINST rezoning this remnant native bushland. This small win is just the first battle in our ongoing fight to save the Erindale Road Bushland. Any day now, the EPA will put out a call for public comment and we will only have a two-week window to make our voices heard. Make sure you follow us on Facebook so you know the minute we need your help: Friends of Erindale Road Bushland (Save the Hamersley Broadcast Tower Bushland)

The Erindale Road Bushland is a Threatened Ecological Community, providing vital foraging habitat for Black Cockatoos. BAI Communications has applied to the EPA to clear this valuable remnant bushland for housing – this is unacceptable!

The story so far...

(information updated 2 April 2024)